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Meet Rani

Rani hated exercise since childhood and it took "alot to get her through the door"

With Madz studio "for the first time in her life she has discovered she quite likes exercise" and the best thing about working out in Madz studio is it is fun!"

Meet Jo

Jo felt a bit "overweight, unfit and down on herself"

A friend asked her to come join the small classes  at Madz Studio and she has never looked back

Meet Kerry

She thought. give it a go. as she has always loved working out and just wanted to get her fitness back.

Kerry likes to do lots of classes and exercise is now part of her life.

Meet Mary

She felt tired and lethargic until she joined us here at Madz Studios

She enjoys the small classes and says it doesnt feel like exercise!

A few things other people have said

It was only after having my second child that I started to have a problem with my weight.

 I had been a size 10 before and being  5 feet tall this had always felt comfortable.  But my weight crept up until size 14’s were quite tight!


I always intended to do something about it “tomorrow” and thought just one more visit to the biscuit tin wouldn’t do any harm!  Finally 6 years ago  I decided enough was enough.  Hating how I looked and having been prescribed blood pressure tablets following a routine doctor's appointment made me realise I had to take action not just for my appearance but more importantly for my health.


A few days later while talking to a Mum at my son’s football club I commented on how much weight she had lost and how fantastic she looked, she said she had joined the local Diet & Fitness class and gave me the details.


Finally, two months later I plucked up the courage to go and one cold January night attended my first class.  From the moment I walked in I can honestly say I have enjoyed every class and never looked back. 


Within five months I had lost the three stone, hit my target weight and my doctor told me I didn’t need my blood pressure medication anymore! I’ve been slimmer of the week on quite a few occasions.  I was over the moon and very proud of myself.


People often ask why I still attend  classes with Madeline at Madz Studio all these years after achieving my goal.  It’s simple, Madeline is always there with encouragement and understanding, keeping me on track and making every class such fun. Madeline’s principles have not changed, and her food plan is based on good healthy food and the exercise is more varied than ever. As well as aerobics and toning at our classes we get Pilates, Kettlebells, Boxercise, Dance Fitness and a whole lot more.


This has become a way of life.  Classes are full of like-minded people who don’t judge, just encourage, I really do enjoy it and don’t see it as a chore, just great fun.

Madz Studio is all about small classes so we are all looked after and I am looking forward to maintaining my healthy weight and BMI, and having fun all the way!


Banbury, OXON

I love Mad’s Pilates classes because the classes are small. I have a shoulder injury and suffer with my knees, Mads adapts the class and gives me alternative exercises if necessary, and she does this with everyone! It is a lovely friendly class and the studio is fab!


Banbury, OXON

I have always struggled with my weight.  I have always been on a diet.  I have never been particularly into sport and exercise so doing anything active has always been an effort.

I am also a vegetarian.  Most people think that a vegetarian diet is naturally healthy, but to get the protein and flavours in certain meals, I found that I was smothering everything in grated cheese.  I also discovered that the best accompaniment to cheese is red wine.  I wasn’t an alcoholic but we generally had a large glass of wine every evening with dinner. 

I was also driving to work, sitting at a desk all day, followed by driving home and then I found that I did not have the energy to do anything else but sit on the sofa in front of the TV.

In December 2010, I was struggling with lower back pains, so after a visit to the doctors and a box of pain killers later, I was referred to a physiotherapist.  After being weighed by the therapist and the source of the pain was identified, I was told that “skinny people get bad backs too” and I was “flexible for someone my size”.  I realised at that point that other people now saw me as being overweight despite reassurances that “you are tall so you can carry a bit of extra weight” or “you are in proportion with your height”.  The cure for my bad back was simply to lose weight and exercise to strengthen the muscles. 

A few months later I met Madeline at a fair where she was promoting Diet & Fitness classes. 

In April 2011 I joined her class, weighing in at 15 stone exactly!  I was shocked and ashamed to realise that my weight had got so out of control.  I discussed my goals with Madeline, who suggested I set myself small realistic goals and concentrate on losing a stone at a time.

I felt determined to lose the weight.  Nothing was going to get in my way.  A good friend was getting married in the summer and I was going to wear the dress to her wedding that I wore at my hen do.

It wasn’t easy, I have to admit, but I found that making small changes made the biggest difference. 

I religiously went to class every week, even if I thought I’d had a bad week.

I lost a stone in 6 weeks and I got into my dress for my friend’s wedding in July after losing two stone and I felt great and inspired to continue to lose weight to obtain a healthy BMI.

I lost 4 stone within a year of starting the diet and been slimmer of the week 7 times.  I lost 4 stone and 4 pounds in total and had the confidence to attend more classes for the extra exercise.  I even joined a netball team and started playing in the local league, something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before because I was so unfit and lacking in confidence.

After maintaining my fitness and health goals for some time I began helping Madeline in class, which I loved. The people in class soon became my friends and I enjoyed welcoming new people into class, Joining Madeline’s class really has changed my life, I am more active, healthier, fitter, happier and more confident then I have ever been.  It’s not just a diet and exercise club it is also a great place to make new friends and obtain the support you need to change your life.

After staying with Mads for many years I am now comfortable to go to the large gyms with lots of people in classes and I am even confident enough to stand at the front! I have walked 20 miles and have done the wolf run and I’m planning on doing it again! Mads and I will always stay close.

 If you are thinking of joining Mads at her studio and are worried you won’t fit in, my advice is GO FOR IT,  you won’t regret it


Banbury, Oxon

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